When you’re prepping for your session, there are a few things to keep in mind.

This is supposed to be FUN! This is the shoot with no pressure. On the wedding day we’ll be pushed for time, your dress won’t be able to get dirty and there won’t be time to get to know one another. 

Your engagement session is your chance to get to know me, get comfortable with how I work and have FUN in front of the camera.

Now don’t get me wrong, your wedding day will be a blast! But it’s so helpful to have a great engagement session before the big day so that you know what to expect! My couples that have an engagement session are PROS by the wedding day and it shows!

After you book you’ll need to start thinking about when you want your engagement session to be done. Some couples prefer to have their portraits done in the season opposite of the season of their wedding. So if you’re having a spring wedding, it may be nice to have a fall engagement session.

Ok, so here are some steps to take to make sure that you’re 100% prepared for your engagement session!

Here are some of the Do's and Don'ts for your session!!!


  • Decide to a color scheme and stick to it! Make sure your color fits your location- you don't want to blend into the background. See swatches above for color inspo!!!
  • Add accent Pieces!!! Hat's, Jewelry, Jackets or sentimental items to add a little spice to the photos!!
  • Wear a nude bra and get those nails done! Avoid chipped nail polish and bright colored bras- this will stand out more than anything!!!
  • Invest in outfits!!! You investing in photos so might as well have the outfits to match!!
  • Prep your significant other!!! Odds are neither of you have done this before- if you are the one who has booked- this means you have probably seen my style. However your SO has not, so sit down with them, show them examples of my style, how i shoot and what to expect. This way no one is shocked when i have you guys nuzzle your noses together and get all close and snuggle!!!
  • Come into your session with an open mind. Sometimes meeting me for the first time, or even having photos done for the first time can be nerve racking. Come into the session with an open mind and experience it all with me! We will try every pose, prompt and Idea we can think of. My goal for when you look back on your session is for you to feel happy, confident and nostalgic.


  • Don't pair too many patterns together. If you do decide to wear a pattern make sure it's not overwhelming or distracting and mix it with the corresponding solid or add layers for texture.
  • Don't try to match or wear the same color. Instead chose outfits and colors that compliment each other.
  • Don't get your hair done the day before. If you want fresh hair, do it a week before your session so you are not stuck with any color or style surprises.
  • Bring Friends along. I know this is one of the most exciting times when getting photos done, however having extra people along may be more of a distraction and make you feel uncomfortable. I like using our time to get to know you guys and have you relax. So call up your friends when you get your photos back and you can tell them all about it!!!
  • Psych yourself out! Just because you haven't done photos before or you think you guys are "awkward" doesn't mean your photos wont come out amazing. Through this session we will get to know one another, I learn what poses you both are most comfortable with and how to best work with one another!!!


A few extras, to make your session EXTRA!!!

  • Getting your hair and makeup done professionally. I always recommend having a professional do your hair and makeup! It can make the world of difference and add confidence boost when having your photos done!
  • Research locations. If you have seen a location I shoot at and love it, that is perfect!!! However if you are struggling to find the perfect spot I suggest looking at places that are meaningful to you and your partner. Where you met, where you guys got engaged/married. Or somewhere that holds a special place in your heart. Another place could be somewhere that you guys enjoy a shared hobby or passion. The possibilities are endless!

Last But Not least

Have fun with these, I always stress to my clients that I want you guys to look back and have good feelings about your photos, if you stress too much then photos may feel to forced, out of touch and not really who you guys are as people!!!

I want you to be over the moon with your photos so if there are any ideas you may have I am all ears!!!

Cant wait to work together, Jordan.