Family photos are a special occasion, and I want to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible! Here’s a couple of Do's and Don'ts that will walk you through every step of the portrait process to help you feel confident and prepared for your session.


  • Decide to a color scheme and stick to it! Make sure your color fits your location- you don't want to blend into the background. See swatches above for color inspo!!!
  • Bring props that make the kids happy. If they can hold something they life or feel comfortable with they might be more cooperative.
  • Dress the kids in what they like to wear. A hat or a headband that you already know they're happy with is always a good idea. Be cautious with new outfits - uncomfy kids make bad photos.
  • Prepare your family! Tell them you will be “hanging out with our friend Jordan on Saturday!” or “going to the park to play!” and keep things fun, lighthearted, and casual. Families have shared that this tip is especially helpful if they have a particularly shy child.
  • Make sure everyone gets a good nights sleep, good naps and eats a good meal before hand, hangry babies hate having their photo taken!!
  • Come into your session with an open mind. Sometimes meeting me for the first time, or even having photos done for the first time can be nerve racking. Come into the session with an open mind and experience it all with me! We will try every pose, prompt and Idea we can think of. My goal for when you look back on your session is for you to feel happy, confident and nostalgic.


  • Don't pair too many patterns together. If you do decide to wear a pattern make sure it's not overwhelming or distracting and mix it with the corresponding solid or add layers for texture.
  • Don't try to match or wear the same color. Instead chose outfits and colors that compliment each other.
  • Don't get your hair done the day before. If you want fresh hair, do it a week before your session so you are not stuck with any color or style surprises.
  • Forget the snacks at home!!!! This is probably the most important tip, food is my favorite form of bribery and we cant have you forget it. If your child has a favorite snack (gummies, crackers etc) bring an extra pack along so we can get that magic smile!!!!

Last But Not least

Have fun with these, I always stress to my clients that I want you guys to look back and have good feelings about your photos, if you stress too much then photos may feel to forced, out of touch and not really who you guys are as a family.

I want you to be over the moon with your photos so if there are any ideas you may have I am all ears!!!

Can't Wait to work together, Jordan.