Victoria & Brandon are Engaged!
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Wednesday, May 16, 2018
By Vines Studios
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    I had the pleasure of meeting Victoria and Brandon in April at the Forever Bridal wedding show in Raleigh, we discussed all the details and they went home with a ton of information that day and a lot to think about!

    Shortly after they contacted me wanting to book for my wedding package which included an engagement, a Bridal session and full day wedding coverage. We were both so thrilled to have met one another and be able to work together to capture the most important day of their lives!

    When I met them on a Tuesday morning, we walked all around a park to capture their snuggly kisses and warm affection! we talked about how Brandon proposed and how they met. Their story is so heart warming and I wanted to share it with all of you! Read Below to hear all about Victoria and Brandon, I cannot wait to capture their wedding in March of 2019!

    Brandon and Victoria met in high school when Victoria moved to New York. They became best friends and started dating sophomore year. Throughout high school, they grew together and created a beautiful relationship. Ultimately, they attended UNC Chapel Hill together and their relationship developed even more. Throughout all of these large life changes, they have learned how to grow individually and as a unit, supporting each other no matter what.

    Brandon proposed to Victoria during an organization’s retreat. At the end of this retreat, the members of the organization get a ball of string and each one wraps it around their wrist to create a bracelet and tosses the string to someone else in the organization that means something special to them and says why. In the end, everyone raises their wrists and it shows how all members are connected one way or another and how they are a family. Brandon made sure that no one gave him the string until second to last, without Victoria knowing, so he could give her the string last.

    When Brandon got the string, Victoria knew he would be giving her the string, but not proposing to her! She expected him to say all the sweet things he did because that’s what boyfriends are supposed to do. At the end of it, he reached for his pocket and proposed to her with his late grandmother’s ring. Victoria was already sobbing because it would be her last year at this retreat and she was getting sentimental, but when he proposed, she bawled her eyes out and of course said yes!

    As of now, Victoria has graduated and Brandon has one more semester. They will be moving back to New York to work and live together. Their wedding will be in March of next year in Chapel Hill!


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