About Me


Hey there, I’m Jordan your new best friend, but no, seriously, if you like dogs, short hikes and chocolate we are going to get along just fineeeee! I get to meet the most incredible and in love humans and capture that for a living. Let me tell you, most of the time it feels like a dream, the other part it just feels like I’ve been put in this path for a reason. The way I photograph couples is a tad different than most, I often forget the basic ‘cheese at me’ photos, my ‘posing’ most of the time turns into playing ring around the Rosie with your partner, and I hate to say it but if I have to I will say the word fart as loud as I have to to make you really laugh. None of my sessions ever look the same, because no two clients are the same, you can’t pose, interact or capture any two couples the exact same way, so take that Pinterest expectation outa here, we are making our own Pinterest board for people to drool over. 
A few fun facts about me 

  • I have a yellow lab named Ruger, and he likes to eat any trash or leftovers, pro tip: never leave a corn cob any where out for your dog to get to, that $5 corn cob just might turn into a 1,000 vet visit. 
  • I’m married to an amazing supporter and husband Benjamin, pretty sure his mother and I are the only ones that call him Benjamin so you can call him Ben. 
  • I love all the flowy dresses, but can get down with some sweatpants. 
  • I first started my life journey wanting to be a nurse and realized I wasn’t passionate enough for that career, soon after I found photography. 
  • I could eat sweets for every meal, no kidding give me all the chocolate chip cookies.

xoxo, jordan vines